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Ragging Urban Mega crisis
Raghuram Rajan Social Media Wassenaar –NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group)
Railway Safety Smart City Water Conservation
Rajasthan Social Ostracism Wealth Distribution in India
R.B.I Solar & Wind Power West Bengal  Law & Order
Recapitalisation of Public Sector Banks Space Assets Security Whistle Blowers Act
RERA Spain W T O
Reliance Sports Yash Pal Dead
Right To Education Act Sri Lanka Yogi C M of U P
Right to Privacy Swine Flu Zealandia
 Rivers State Food and Drug Administration Zero Origine
River Linking Sub-cadre in IAS security Management 70 yrs  of Independence
Road Travel Swach Bharat
Robots Tamil Nadu Assembly
Rohingya Crisis Tax on Agricultural  Income
Rosogolla Terrorism
Sardar Sarovar Dam Tipu Sultan
Satellite and ISRO Triple Talaq-
Sedition Law Tripura
Settlers on Earth Trump (U S A)
Shanghai Cooperation -Organisation UN and Bretton Woods
Slavery Report by I.L.O Uniform Civil Code
Universal basic income
Vandalism Compensation



S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Understanding Ragging Indian Exp 02-08-2017

Raghuram Rajan

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. I left because there was no offer on the table from the Govt. T O I 03-09-2017

Railway Safety

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. The lowdown on railway safety The Hindu 10-09-2017
         I. 2. PM PANNEL CHIEF RED-FLAGS RLY ELECTRIFICATION PLAN: Rethink (Railways electrification) Indian Exp 15.2.2018
         I. 3. Diesel or electric? Questions of infra costs, logistics and flexibility for Rlys (Electric Railways) Indian Exp. 16.2.2018
         I. 4. Redevelopment on right track, but challenges remain (Railway infrastructure) Indian Exp 24.2.2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. What ails rural Rajasthan Indian Express 22-09-2017
         I. The purpose of, and questions over Rajasthan’s gag-shield bill (Protection to public servants & restrictions on media) Indian Express 25-10-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. RBI to get more powers: oversight panels  Indian Exp 05-05-2017
       II. RBI gets more Towers  Indian Exp 06.05.2017
     III. Ordinance to reign in free riders Indian Exp 06.05.2017
    IV. The First Step TOI 08-05-2017
      V. RBI to revamp oversight panel Indian Exp 23-05-2017
    VI. Why RBI said no to Govt Indian Exp 09-06-2017

Recapitalisation of Public Sector Banks

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Pursuit of growth The Hindu 26-10-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. Plea to exclude SC/ST creamy layer from quota The Hindu 29-01-2018
         I. 2. Cornered by the Quad? The Hindu 28.2.2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Subverting RERA TOI 02-05-2017
       II. Defining RERA Indian Exp 02-05-2017
     III. RERA – Spirits, Concerns Indian Exp 02-05-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Deep sea dive The Hindu 17-06-2017

Radio Relevance

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Is radio relevant in the 21st century? (Radio Relevance) The Hindu 12-01-2018

Right To Education Act

S.No Topic News Paper Date
    1 . Wrong move (No detention policy in school T O I 04-08-2017
2 . States against diluting no-fail policy can maintain status quo (RTE Act) Indian Exp 05-08-2017
         3 .Failing our children (RTE Act) Indian Exp 07-08-2017
    4 . Skill, don’t detain The Hindu 07-08-2017

Right to Privacy

S.No Topic News Paper Date
     1 . Privacy is a postulate of human dignity Chandrachud T O I 25-08-2017
        2 . Why US is zealous about individual liberty and EU about dignity T O I 25-08-2017
      3. .Citizen vs State The Hindu 25-08-2017
     4 . Bench by Bench, a right discussed and interpreted Indian Exp 25-08-2017
       5 . Privacy and more: what SC said Indian Exp 25-08-2017
     6 . In verdict, freedom’s 7 takeaways Indian Exp 25-08-2017
     7 . Father & Son Indian Exp 25-08-2017
      8 . Constitution refreshed The Hindu 26-08-2017
      9 . ‘My priority is to balance competing interests’ Indian Exp 25-08-2017
   10 . A to Z of Privacy Indian Exp 28-08-2017
 11 . Privacy Ruling Encroachment on role of legislature, says Rohatgi Indian Exp 28-08-2017
 11 .The resilience of our liberalism The Hindu 12-09-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Protect Rivers TOI 19-05-2017
i Save Yamuna: Flower waste (at crematorium) turned into items for havan (Save Yamuna) T O I 03-08-2017
i Greens turn the course of dying rivers (Dying Rivers) T O I 04-09-2017
i Save our Rivers T O I 2-10-2017
i Next step, the making of a river rejuvenation policy (Rivers) T O I 3-10-2017
i A flood of questions (River linking) The Hindu 21-10-2017
i Is it difficult to clean up the Ganga? The Hindu 22-10-2017
i In unquiet waters of the Mahadayi, a new political churn (Mahadayi River) Indian Exp 12-01-2018
i Against the flow (Mahadayi river dispute) Indian Exp 16-01-2018
i Why SC ruling may reopen awards in other rivers disputes (River disputes- SC CAUVERY decision) Indian Exp. 17.2.2018
i Lack of distress formula worries Karnataka farmers (River disputes- SC CAUVERY decision) The Hindu 17.2.2018
i Water equity (River disputes- SC CAUVERY decision) The Hindu 17.2.2018
i Verdict on Cauvery (River Disputes-Cauvery) TOI 17.2.2018

 River Linking

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why Ken – Betwa link may have to wait Indian Exp 22.05.2017

 Road Travel

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Driving towards safer roads The Hindu 07-05-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Should Robots be nationalised? The Hindu 26-10-2017

Rohingya Crisis

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Can India ignore the Rohingya crisis? The Hindu 15-09-2017
         I. The Rohingya Threat Indian Exp 27-09-2017
         I. BSF pushes back Rohingya from Tripura The Hindu 27-09-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Bengal vs Odisha: whose rosogolla is it anyway? (Rosogolla) The Hindu 15-09-2017

Sacha Sauda Riots

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. .Unsteady state (Sacha Sauda Riots) T O I 31-08-2017
         I. .A Tragic Trilogy (Sacha Sauda Riots) Indian Exp 31-08-2017

Sardar Sarovar Dam

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. In run-up to Gujrat polls, PM inaugurates mega dam The Hindu 18-09-2017
         I. Yrs of dispute, finally full height Indian Exp 18-09-2017
         I. Is the Sardar Sarovar Dam boon or bane? The Hindu 27-09-2017

 Satellite and ISRO

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. SAARC satellite set for lift off The Hindu 01-05-2017
       II. Space bonding hits new highs The Hindu 06.05.2017
     III. Space for all The Hindu 08.05.2017
    IV. Triumphing over trials TOI 05-06-2017
      V. ISRO puts 31 satellites in space The Hindu 24-06-2017
    VI. Isro’s rockstar PSLV launched 209 foreign satellites since ‘99 TOI 02-07-2017
    VI. As ISRO launch fails, glitches in space waits for fix Indian Exp 01-09-2017
    VI. Junk Hunting (Space Debris) Indian Exp 12-01-2018

Sedition Law

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Should the sedition law be scrapped? The Hindu 30-06-2017

Settlers on Earth

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Who were the first settlers of India? The Hindu 05-09-2017

 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Take the Plunge T O I 12-06-2017

 Slavery Report by I.L.O

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why Indian Intelligence is spooked by global index of modern slavery. Indian Exp 5-10-2017
         I. India disputes ILO’s slavery report. The Hindu 6-10-2017
         I. India plans a riposte to slavery report The Hindu 15-10-2017

Smart City

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. For kinder smart cities Indian Exp 26-12-2017
         I. 2.5 years into smart city plan, only 5% of projects finished (Smart City) T O I 10-01-2018

Social Media

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why Germany law on social media abuse is significant Indian Exp 04-07-2017
         I. Do social media threaten democracy? Indian Exp 06-11-2017

 Social Ostracism

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. The boycott ban (social ostracism) The Hindu 24-07-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Brinkmanship in Spain (Catalan Crisis) The Hindu 24-10-2017
         I. Catalan story: what after ‘independence’ and the crackdown? (Catalan crisis) Indian Exp 30-10-2017

Space Assets Security

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. India calls for stronger treaties to protect space assets (space assets security) The Hindu 22-11-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Bolt Into Legend T O I 15-08-2017
i Rules that have turned (Cricket Rules) T O I 27-09-2017

Solar & Wind Power

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Where energy is waiting to be tapped The Hindu          08-05-2017
       II. Catching the SUN Indian Exp 18-06-2017
     III. Here comes the sun (Solar light) Indian Exp 21-06-2017
     III. Global solar body set for legal stamp (Global Body) T O I 03-09-2017
     III. Solar Alliance targets 1000 GW installation by 2030 (Solar Energy) Indian Exp 15-11-2017
     III. Legal framework for solar alliance kicks in this week T O I 04-12-2017
     III. Solar alliance biggest win since Paris accord, Says PM (Solar alliance) The Hindu 17.2.2018
     III. 6. Grid stability is key (Solar Power) The Hindu 24.2.2018

Sri Lanka

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I.  Years after war, trials of resettlement  The Hindu  01-05-2017
       II.  Targeting trawling  The Hindu  11. 07-2017
     III.  The saga of Sri Lanka’s new Constitution  The Hindu  23-07-2017
    IV.  Sri Lanka clears revised deal for Hambantota port  The Hindu  26-07-2017
    IV.  The clock is ticking on reconciliation  Hindu On Sunday:  17-09-2017
    IV.  Hopes and fears (Sri Lankan Constitutional Reform)  The Hindu  23-09-2017
    IV.  Is ‘deep sea fishing’ the silver bullet? (Indo-srilanka).  The Hindu  11-10-2017
    IV.  India acts against bottom trawling  The Hindu  15-10-2017
    IV.  No extra year (Sri Lanka)  The Hindu  18-01-2018
    IV.  Sri Lanka’s unsettled land question  The Hindu   4.3.2018
    IV.  Sri Lanka declares state of emergency amid violence (Sri Lanka)  The Hindu  7.3.2018
    IV.  12. In Sri Lanka’s anti-Muslim violence, an echo of post-war Sinhala triumphalism (Sri Lanka)  The Hindu  7.3.2018

 State Food and Drug Administration

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Understanding the E- puff situation in India Indian Exp 07-06-2017

Sub-cadre in IAS security Management

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Agenda for the Raksha Mantri Indian Exp 13-09-2017

Supreme Court

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Judiciary in turmoil (Supreme Court) The Hindu 13-01-2018
i A chance to reform (Supreme Court) Indian Exp 15-01-2018
i When Judges dissent (Supreme Court) Indian Exp 18-01-2018
i Should the four SC judges have dissented publicly?
(Supreme Court-public conference)
The Hindu 19-01-2018
i Division & Bench (Supreme Court) Indian Exp. 21-01-2018
i Oppn may attempt to get CJI impeached: Yechury (judicial distress- supreme court) TOI 21-01-2018
i Government to revisit Malimath report (judicial reform) The Hindu 17-01-2018
i For a clean judiciary (judiciary) The Hindu 1.2.2018
i Inquiry against Orissa HC judges: the back story-(Supreme Court Inquiry against Orissa High Court Judges Indian Exp 6.2.2018
i Are lawyers’ chambers inherited property, Bench asks top court (Supreme Court- chambers The Hindu 19.2.2018
i SC to Centre: Form panel on multinational accounting firms (oversight of Multinational Accounting Firms) Indian Exp 24.2.2018

Super Moon

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i 1. Watch rare ‘super blood blue moon’ on January 31 (Super moon) The Hindu 29-01-2018
i 2. Coming today: a super blue blood moon (super blue blood moon) Indian Exp 31-01-2018

Swach Bharat

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. How Indore took on dirt T O I 04-06-2017
       II. The crumbling pillars of state Indian Exp 09-06-2017
       II. The Trash Crisis (waste management) Indian Exp 06-09-2017
       II. CM pushes for decentralised STPs in capital (waste management) T O I 06-09-2017
       II. Two solution to the capital’s waste woes- alternate landfill sites and converting waste to energy- are not without their share of challengers (Waste Management) Indian Exp 07-09-2017
       II. Mountains of garbage (Garbage Management) The Hindu 07-09-2017
       II. The Swachh marathon Indian Exp 03-11-2017

Swine Flu

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Lessons not learnt: The Hindu 26-08-2017

Swami Vivekananda

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i A nation-builder, an inspiration (Swami Vivekananda) Indian Exp 12-01-2018

Tamil Nadu Assembly

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. .Wages of being a legislator The HIndu 05-08-2017

Tax on Agricultural Income

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Should agricultural income be taxed The Hindu 26-05-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. New playground for non-state actors The Hindu 19-06-2016


S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Medaram’s Jatara to get national tag (Telangana Tribal Festival) The Hindu 07-01-2018

 The Hyperloop ( The Train of The Future)

S.No Topic News Paper Date

The Morarji era- Prohibition

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Is prohibition the answer? The Hindu 23-06-2017

Tipu Sultan

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I.  . ‘Fanatic’ or ‘freedom fighter’: the renewed debate on Tipu  Indian Exp  24-10-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Dumping business – ways Issues T O I 23-06-2017

Triple Talaq

S.No Topic News Paper Date
        1 Triple Talaq must go T O I 07-05-2017
     2  The low down on triple talaq  The Hindu  28-05-2017
3 Letting go of instant triple talaq The Hindu 26-08-2017
4 Forever expunged (Triple Talaq) Indian Exp 23-08-2017
5 Undoing Injustice (Triple Talaq) The Hindu 23.08-2017
6 The Whole Verdict (Triple Talaq) Indian Exp 23-08-2017
7 Two cheers for the Supreme Court (triple talaq) The Hindu 24-08-2017
8 Divorce in Islam (Triple Talaq) Indian Exp 24-08-2017
8 To clear the path ahead The Hindu 02-09-2017
8 Necessary judgment, but no panacea The Hindu 03-09-2017
8 Family dubs her a ’liar’, neighbours angry, Ishrat says more alone than ever after S C triple talaq order Indian Exp 07-09-2017
8 Centre’s relief to divorced women T O I 10-09-2017
8 In The Interest Of Justice Indian Exp 05.12-2017
8 Divorce as crime The Hindu 18-12-2017
8 Wrong Message T O I 30-12-2017
8 Govt wasted historic opportunity T O I 30-12-2017
8 Instant Bill Indian Exp 30-12-2017
8 Narrative of the forked tongue Indian Exp 10-01-2018

Uniform Civil Code

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 .Why India does not have a uniform code T O I 24-08-2017
        2 .Time for UCC T O I 24-08-2017
       3 .Turning Point For India T O I 30-08-2017
       3 Why India needs a Securlar Civil Code –Divided we stand T O I 04-09-2017
       3 How Ambedkar and others pushed for a uniform code before Partition T O I 05-09-2017
       3 How the clause on a Uniform Civil Code was rendered toothless T O I 06-09-2017
       3 Uniform code will hurt harmony, minorities argued to make a case for personal law T O I 07-09-2017
       3 Laws for women, not against Muslims T O I 10-09-2017
       3 When the Constitution and religious laws collide T O I 10-09-2017
       3 True secularism demands a Uniform Civil Code T O I 11-09-2017
       3 Are we really prepared for a Uniform Civil Code? T O I 12-09-2017
       3 Why nobody is sincere about UCC T O I 13-09-2017
       3 Do not look to the West, India has evolved its own way T O I 14-09-2017
       3 Why the West offers no models for a Uniform Civil Code T O I 15-09-2017
       3 Why Hindu and Muslim attitudes to personal law can’t be compared T O I 17-09-2017
       3 How Hindu personal law can be reformed T O I 18-09-2017
       3 Show and tell T O I 18-09-2017
       3 Why the Indian Constitution was ahead of its time T O I 17-09-2017
       3 Many think Parsis are a model minority & why Parsis need their distinct family Laws T O I 20-09-2017
       3 Why we need a fair law on marital property (Uniform civil code) T O I 25-09-2017
       3 No, the Uniform Civil Code was not deferred just for Muslims (UCC) T O I 30-09-2017
       3 Will the Uniform Civil Code make Indian families fairer? T O I 2-10-2017
       3 Drafting change: what the new ‘progressive intervention in common code debate entails Indian Exp 18-10-2017

Universal basic income

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Finland assessing Basic Income scheme’s impact (Two year experience) The Hindu 17-06-2017
2 . Let’s talk about a supplemental income The Hindu 07-08-2017
2 ‘Universal Basic Income would outperform PDS, energy subsidies’ Indian Exp 12-10-2017

Wealth Distribution in India

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. India has gone from British Raj to Billionaire Raj: Report T O I 06-09-2017

Urban Cities

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. India’s coming urban mega crisis The Hindu 07-05-2017
       II. How to build the new City Indian Exp 19-05-2017
       II. 3. Rebuilding our cities (Urban Cities) The Hindu 29-01-2018

Vandalism Compensation

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Dera vandalism: High Court draws hard line, but law remains unclear and recovery tough Indian Exp 2-10-2017

Wassenaar –NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group)

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i India in another non-proliferation regime, slap on China for NSG stand T O I 09-12-2017
i In an elite club The Hindu 12-12-2017
i Why is Wassenaar Arrangement important to India? The Hindu 17-12-2017

Water Conservation

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Eight key steps to cleaner rivers and higher green cover (water Conservation) T O I 06-11-2017
i ‘Water scarcity may hit thermal power’ (thermal power-water scarcity) The Hindu 17-01-2018

West Bengal Law & Order

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. A shattered peace The Hindu 14-06-2017
       II. Fire in the Hills Indian Exp 16-06-2017
     III. Why is Darjeeling on the boil again The Hindu 18-06-2017
    IV.  The fires of Bengal  Indian Exp  08-07-2017
      V.  A double test (W.Bengal)  Indian Exp  10-07-2017
    VI.  What’s brewing in Darjeeling  The Hindu  25.-07-2017

Whistle Blowers Act

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. .Don’t shoot the messenger The Hindu 01-08-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Crunch time at WTO: The Hindu 11-12-2017
         I. ‘We need to ensure that WTO is not weakened’ T O I 11-12-2017
         I. Wide gaps evident in positions: WTO chief The Hindu 12-12-2017
         I. US blocks deal on food security, WTO meet stares at collapse T O I 13-12-2017
         I. Agriculture, food security and the poor: A case for revamp of WTO rules that unjustly
favour rich countries
T O I 14-12-2017
         I. India for special treatment of developing countries T O I 14-12-2017
         I. WTO Meet ends without consensus The Hindu 15-12-2017
         I. Stalemate at WTO The Hindu 15-12-2017
         I. ‘WTO meet failure: India not blamed’ The Hindu 18-12-2017
         I. The rise and fall of the WTO The Hindu 26-12-2017

Yash Pal Dead

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Scientist, educationist Yash Pal dead The Hindu 26-07-2017

 Yogi C M of U P

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. A mantra to Yogi Indian Exp 08-05-2017
       II.  wheels within wheels  The Hindu  16-07-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Scientists set out to explore ‘Lost Continent’ Zealandia T O I 29-07-2017

 Foreign Policy

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Is India a good neighbour? The Hindu 04-08-2017

Zero Origine

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. In page from India history, zero’s oldest ancestor reveals its age Indian Exp 19-09-2017

70 yrs of Independence

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. .Coming full circle at 70 Indian Exp 15-08-2017

20 Gold Scheme

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i 1. The 80:20 Scheme: what is it and who benefitted from it? (Public Accounts Committee) Indian Exp 6.3.2018