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Jadhav detained by Pakistan
Jammu & Kashmir terrorism & other issues Maoism in states
Jandhan, Aadhaar, Mobile Marital Rape
Japan Medical Council of India
Jat Sir Meghalaya NPA
Jerusalem Israel Microfilming of Archival Documents Nuclear Waste
Jihadi Terror Morarji era- Prohibition OBC creamy layer limit
J N U Movies Price Hike
Joint and Integrated Command Mumbai Floods
Journalist Gauri Lankesh Movies
Judicial Activism and Overreach Mumbai Floods
Kannada (State Flag) Myanmar
Karnataka ( The Lingayats) National Green Tribunal
Kashmir Terrorism Narendra Modi
K P S Gill Naga Peace
Kurdish Referendum Narmada Dam
Malabar Military Exercises N D A Government
Maldives Net neutrality
Malegaon Blast Nepal
Malnutrition New Financial Year
Manipur (Central financial transfers) New Modern Vehicles
Mansarovar Yatra Niti Ayog
North Korea
Nobel Prize 2017


Jadhav detained by Pakistan

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Complaining to ICJ Indian Exp 11-05-2017
       II. Saving Jadhav The Hindu 13-05-2017
     III. Justice for Jadhav Indian Exp 19.05.2017
    IV. Order binds PAK, breach will invite UNSC action T O I 19-05-2017
    IV. Pak ex-chief justice may be ICJ judge in Jadhav case (In ICJ) Indian Exp 12-10-2017
    IV. Pakistan’s Jadhav dilemma (Pakistan) Indian Exp 19-11-2017

Jammu & Kashmir terrorism & other issues

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Centre gets SC to freeze hearing on Article 35A The Hindu 31-10-2017
         I. What earlier panels to reach out to J&K tried, what they achieved (Kashmir) Indian Exp 14-11-2017

Jandhan, Aadhaar, Mobile

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. JAM’ will end exclusion – Jaitley (Jandhan, Aadhaar, Mobile ) The Hindu 28-08-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
i In Japan, wood is the new steel The Hindu 16-08-2017
i In Japan, wood is the new steel T O I 17-09-2017
i Seize the Day (Japan) T O I 17-09-2017
i `Development of connectivity infrastructure should be based on openness,
rule of law … India and Japan share this view’-India Japan
T O I 06-11-2017

Jat Sir

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Jat stir: HC upholds Haryana quota law, state panel to decide extent (Jat stir) Indian Exp 02-09-2017

Jerusalem Israel

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Contested City The Hindu 06-12-2017
         I. What US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital means Indian Exp 06-12-2017
         I. Capital crisis The Hindu 08-12-2017

Jihadi Terror

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why systematically discrediting the ideology behind Jihadis terror holds the key to counter terrorism success T O I 27-05-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Tank or no tank Indian Exp  27-07-2017

Joint and Integrated Command

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Joint operation vs Integrated Command Indian Exp 10-05-2017

Journalist Gauri Lankesh

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. What was the defamation case against slain journalist Gauri Lankesh? Indian Exp 07-09-2017

Judicial Activism and Overreach

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Shantaram Naik Complains of Judicial Activism and Overreach The Hindu 04-05-2017
         I. 2. Should lawmakers be banned from practicing law? SC seeks AG’s view (Ban on practice by lawmakers) The Hindu 04-05-2017
         I. 3. Bring bill, bar MPs, MLAs with DA: SC (Election-Bar on lawmakers of disproportionate assets) TOI 17.2.2018
         I. 4. Hc sets up two special courts to try politicians (special courts for politicians) TOI 26.2.2018

Kannada (State Flag)

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why the flag of Kannada pride has triggered a row Indian Exp 19-07-2017

Karnataka ( The Lingayats)

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Do Lingayats want a separate identity? The Hindu 30-07-2017
         I. Why doctors in Karnataka are up in arms against the
state govt. (Karnataka docs on strike)
Indian Exp 07-11-2017
         I. 3 Thousands throng Shravanabelagola (Lord Bahubali Statue Karnataka)
The Hindu 19.2.2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. Cloth, idea, brand: What is khadi , to whom does it belong? (Khadi)
Indian Exp 20.2.2018

Kashmir Terrorism

S.No Topic News Paper Date
    1 pain in the joints indian express Indian Exp 16-05-2017
    2 I applaud Major Gogoi Indian Exp 20-05-2017
     3 Not the India Army I Know Indian Exp 25-05-2017
   4 A blemished Medal Indian Exp 25.05.2017
      5 Pak denied strikes but India cannot count Indian Exp 08-06-2017
    6 Outreach that escaped scrutiny Indian Exp 08-06-2017
  7 Why US tag of “global terrorist” for Salahuddin matters to Indian Govt. Indian Exp 28-06-2017
8 . There is no military solution in J&K, separatist finances should have been targeted much earlier T O I 16-08-2017
9 Article 35A & its significance (J&K) T O I 08-08-2017
10 Why Kashmiris want a fair probe into the killings of Pandits, prosecution of guilty (J&K) Indian Exp 08-08-2017
11 Do not touch (J&K, Article 35-A) Indian Exp 11-08-2017
12 Broken vows, court wars on ‘special status’ Indian Exp 16-08-2107
13 In Supreme Court, an old matter matter back in new context Indian Exp 16-08-2017
14 The lowdown on Article 35A (Kashmir) The Hindu 27-08-2017
15 Society has changed in Kashmir, it’s not enough to say oh, you must talk (Kashmir) Indian Exp 29-08-2017
15 . The Article of faith (Art.35A) Indian Exp 01-09-2017
15 . In Constitution, a range of ‘special provisions’ for states other than
Jammu & Kashmir’ too (Art.35A)
Indian Exp 06-09-2017

K P S Gill

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Diary of a Super Cop (K.P.S.Gill) T O I 27-05-2017

Kurdish Referendum

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Inching towards Kexit Indian Exp 17-08-2017

Land Acquisition Act

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. United by a common purpose The Hindu 1.3.2018

Medical service

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. Served by Indians (medical services)
TOI 1.2.2018
         I. 2. Testing the diagnosis (Medical- Integrating medical systems)
The Hindu 10.2.2018

Malabar Military Exercises

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Malabar exercise helps ensure that India, Japan, US are ready T O I 11-07-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Indian ocean churning (Maldives) Indian Exp 24-07-2017
i I will return, even if I have to spend the rest of my life in jail (Maldives) The Hindu 30-08-2017
i 3. In Yameen vs court in Maldives, a battle to control and subvert the Constitution-(Maldives Emergency) Indian Exp. 6.2.2018
i 4. Mahammed Naseen (Maldives) The Hindu 11.2.2018
i 5. Maldives decline India invite for naval exercises Indian Exp. 28.2.2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Feeding India (malnutrition) Indian Exp 03-11-2017

Manipur (Central financial transfers)

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Managing Manipur: On the importance of a stable government Indian Exp 23-07-2017

Mansarovar Yatra

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Importance of the Yatra (Mansarovar) indian express Indian Exp 11-07-2017

Maoism in states

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Rajnath : 35 districts in 7 states badly affected by Maoism (Maoism in states) Indian Exp 30-08-2017
         I. Tackling Maoism The Hindu 26-12-2017

Marital Rape

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. meet ‘anam’ the debate Indian Exp 17-09-2017

Medical Council of India

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Medical panel Bill finalised sent to Cabinet Indian Exp 25-10-2017

Metro Rail

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. Now, a Commissioner of metro Railway safety to monitor operations (metro railway safety) Indian Exp 16-01-2018

Microfilming of Archival Documents

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Delhi’s past preserved, byte by byte T O I 1-10-2017

Minority Education

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Over the years, many questions on institutions of minority education Indian Exp 29-08-2017

Minority Panel

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. An empty promise what a totally vacant minority’s panel indicates Indian Exp 24-05-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Bahubali Rocket boosts TOI 06-06-2017

Mumbai Floods

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Apres le deluge (Mumbai Flood) Indian Exp 31-08-2017
         I. Truth about urban flooding (Mumbai floods) T O I 31-08-2017
         I. Lessons Mumbai did not learn (Mumbai floods) Indian Exp 31-08-2017
         I. What drowned Mumbai (Mumbai floods) Indian Exp 02-09-2017

MyanmarNarendra Modi


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. delhi to yangon Indian Exp 05-09-2017
S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. ‘Leadership crisis, not security ops, may bring down movement’ (Maoists declining) Indian Exp 18.2.2018
S.No Topic News Paper Date          I. Keeping The Promise Indian Exp 16-05-2017        II. The economy in the time of Narendra Modi The Hindu 05-06-2017

Naga PeaceNarmada Dam

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. R.N. Ravi mediating peace with the Nagas The Hindu 16-07-2017
S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. In Gujarat after Narmada Dam, focus on canals The Hindu 24-09-2017

National Green Tribunal

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. inside the NGT (National Green Tribunal) Indian Exp 19-11-2017

National Medical Commission

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. NMC Bill is a big reform in medical education, but it can founder unless conflicts
of interest are resolved
Indian Exp 02-01-2018
         I. Questionable remedy (National Medical Commission Bill) Indian Exp 03-01-2018
         I. In Bill to regulate medical education, a question of election vs nomination (National Medical Commission) Indian Exp 09-01-2018
         I. Threshold of Renaissance T O I 10-01-2018
         I. Prescription for the future (National Medical Commission) The Hindu 11-01-2018
         I. A poor prognosis (National Medical Commission) The Hindu 20-1-2018
         I. Prescription for the doctor (National medical commission) Indian Exp 30-01-2018

National Health Protection Scheme

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Case histories (National Health Protection Scheme)
THE HINDU 17.2.2018
         I. Not a prescription for the poor (NHPS) The Hindu 17.2.2018
         I. It’s All In The Design (NHPS) TOI 7.3.2018

N D A Government

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. The Economy at three TOI 17-05-2017

Net neutrality

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Net access must not have curbs in India: Trai (Net neutrality) T O I 29-11-2017
         I. Net neutrality exemptions fine: Experts (Net neutrality) T O I 29-11-2017
         I. PIO lawmakers slam move to repeal net neutrality, protests outside Ajit Pai’s home T O I 29-11-2017
         I. ‘Huge things are going to happen on Internet, it’s important to keep it open’ Indian Exp 29-11-2017
         I. Open, equal internet (net neutrality) Indian Exp 30-11-2017
         I. A neutral Internet The Hindu 30-11-2017
         I. The road to an open Internet The Hindu 30-11-2017
         I. Internet freedom is being restricted across world (Internet Freedom) T O I 04-12-2017
         I. TRAI and fail: By decreeing net neutrality, India’s regulator has trumped America’s
FCC for an open internet
T O I 05-12-2017
         I. ‘If someone tries to defeat spirit of net neutrality, they will be held accountable’ Indian Exp 06-12-2017
         I. Fast internet to be a right in UK (Fast internet right) T O I 23-12-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
        1 The plains truth (Nepal’s Madhesis) The Hindu 30-06-2017
2 Govt. addresses Madhes party’s demand, moves bill to amend Constitution Indian Exp 17-08-2017
3 Hold the line in Kathmandu Indian Exp 23-08-2017
4 Sharing the future (NEPAL) Indian Exp 24-08-2017
5 Indo-Nepal forge close security ties (Nepal) T O I 25-08-2017
5 Why Nepal wants to measure height of Mount Everest again, and alone (Mount Everest Height) Indian Exp 21-09-2017
5 Himalayan upgrade (Nepal) The Hindu 22-11-2017
5 In Nepal, with hope Indian Exp 12-12-2017
5 Tread Softly Indian Exp 13-12-2017
5 Nepal’s New Era (Nepal) T O I 13-12-2017
5 A short-lived hope (Nepal) Indian Exp 30-12-2017
5 His long wait Indian Exp 08-01-2018
5 Towards stability The Hindu 12-01-2018
5 Nepal to use Chinese Internet bandwidth (Nepal-Chinese internet) The Hindu 13-01-2018
5 No room, for egos (Nepal new constitution) Indian Exp. 22-01-2018

New Modern Vehicles

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Coming soon to US, East Coast: Clean, quiet hydrogen cars (Clean Hydrogen Cars) Indian Exp 21-05-2017
i Don’t stop driverless cars The Hindu 03-08-2017
i Road Kill Indian Exp 15-08-2017
i Govt. plans to get 1,000 electric cars for mantris T O I 17-08-2017
i Getting charged up The Hindu 19-08-2017
i Electric cars and us The Hindu 30-11-2017

Niti Ayog

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. The Three year agenda Indian Exp 20.05.2017
i Getting states on board for reforms was a tough task – (Niti Aayog) Indian Exp 31-08-2017

Nobel Prize 2017

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Detectors of ripples in space-time (Nobel Prize in physics) Indian Exp 4-10-2017
       II. Awestruck (Nobel Prize in physics) The Hindu 5-10-2017
         I. The rhythm of life (Medicine Nobel Prize) The Hindu 6-10-2017
         I. Anti-nuclear campaign group wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Indian Exp 7-10-2017
         I. Well-deserved ‘nudge’ The Hindu 11-10-2017
         I. Jet lagged in Stockholm (circadian rhythm Nobel in chemistry) Indian Exp 12-10-2017
         I. Nobel Prize for `Nudge’ economist Richard Thaler. T O I 10-10-2017

North Korea

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why kim has upper hand in test of nerves Indian Exp 06-07-2017
         I. . Testing the world: why N Korea’s ‘hydroge bomb’ may portend a danger like no other Indian Exp 05-09-2017
         I. N KOREA’S BOMB Indian Exp 05-09-2017
         I. . It’s not madness`(N Korea) Indian Exp 06-09-2017
         I. Testing times in the Korean peninsula The Hindu 07-09-2017
         I. N Korea’s H-bomb test ignites fresh worries in India (N. Korea) Indian Exp 08-09-2017
         I. What’s the ‘nuclear button’ that Trump and Kim have been threatening to use? (U.S-N.Korea) Indian Exp 05-01-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Package to resolve NPA The Hindu 04-05-2017
       II. Road to Bankability Indian Exp 05-05-2017
     III.  Think beyond loan waivers  The Hindu  20-07-2017
     III.  Understanding the basis of bail-in, and depositors’ fear  Indian Exp  20-07-2017
     III.  ‘NPAs may rise to 10.8% in March 2018, 11.1% by sept’  Indian Exp  22-12-2017
     III.  NPAs of public lenders touch Rs 7.34 lakh cr at September-end  Indian Exp  25-12-2017
     III.  Only 4 major nations have higher bad loans than India  T O I  28-12-2017
     III.  Testing times  The Hindu  29-12-2017
     III.  Testing times  The Hindu  29-12-2017
     III.  FRDI: depositors trust is key to banking (NPAs)  The Hindu  08-01-2018
     III.  ‘Develop a U.S.-style online platform to sell bad loans’ (NPA)  The Hindu  22-01-2018
     III.  Govt. unveils Rs. 2.1 lakh crore bank recapitalisation plan(NPA Capitalisation)  The Hindu  25.01.2018
     III.  Recap and Reform (NPA)  Indian Exp.  27-01-2018
     III.  Banking on good faith (NPA)  The Hindu  29-01-2018
     III.  A vote for state funding (NPA)  The Hindu  29-01-2018
     III.  Conservative banking, not bail-in, will bail us out (NPA)  The Hindu  29-01-2018
     III.  Is the endgame for NPAs in sight? (NPAS)  The Hindu  26.2.2018
     III.  SWIFT may report non-compliant banks  TOI  28.2.2018
     III.  Who will bear burden of fraud? IBA meets today (PNB Scam- who will bear burden of fraud)  TOI  17.2.2018
     III.  Every 4 hours, 1 bank staffer held for fraud (Bank Frauds)  TOI  18.2.2018
     III.  Bankers discuss recovery banks want PNB to pay up (PNB Scan)  Indian Exp  18.2.2018
     III.  23. PNB fraud: How the system was gamed (PNB Scam)  Indian Exp  19.2.2018
     III.  24. Shaky Foundations (PNB Scam)  TOI  20.2.2018
     III.  25. The Way forward (PNB Scam)  Indian Exp  20.2.2018
     III.  26. Block chain tech could help prevent frauds like at PNB (PNB Scam-tech a remedy)  Indian Exp  22.2.2018
     III.  27. India slips in corrupt nations list (Global Corruption Perception Index 2017)  TOI  23.2.2018
     III.  28. The lowdown on SWIFT and bank fraud (PNB SCAM)  Indian Exp  25.2.2018
     III.  29. Law with retrospective effect to cage looters and scooters.  TOI  2.3.2018

 Nuclear Waste

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1400 ft underground , how Finland is building world’s first n-waste repository Indian Exp 13-06-2017
       II.  How India handles its nuclear wastes  Indian Exp  13-06-2017
       II.  How India handles its nuclear wastes  Indian Exp  13-06-2017
       II.  India joins 3rd export control group, bolsters NSG claim (NSG claim)  TOI  20-01-2018
       II.  Forging a new nuclear deal (Nuclear Deal)  The Hindu  3.2.2018

OBC creamy layer limit

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Slicing the OBC quota pie: who gains and who loses: (OBC creamy layer limit) The Hindu 31-08-2017
         I. Caste in new mould Indian Exp 31-08-2017
         I. Reimagining the OBC quota The Hindu 19-09-2017
         I. President appoints commission to examine sub-categorisation of OBCs T O I 9-10-2017

Opposition to Hindi

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why is Tamil Nadu opposed to Hindi The Hindu 07-05-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. SHOULD WE HAVE DEFENDED BHANSALI (PADMAWAT) Indian Exp 15.2.2018
S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Sharif Ousted (Pak PM) TOI 29-07-2017
       II.  It is not full and proper justice (Pak PM)  The Hindu  29-07-2017
       II.  Tackling Pakistan (Pakistan)  TOI  20-1-2018

Parliament/Assembly awarding punishment

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Bring the House up to date (Parliament/Assembly punishing) The Hindu 11. 07-2017

Parliamentary Budget Office

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Restoring Parliament’s primacy The Hindu 04-08-2017
         I. When Parliament meets (Parliament) Indian Exp 24-11-2017

Paradise Papers

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why Paradise Papers matter: they lift veil for regulators to peek in Indian Exp 06-11-2017
         I. Secrecy smashed, says Jaitley, orders action; all to be probed says
Tax chief (Paradise Papers)
Indian Exp 07-11-2017
         I. Paradise Challenge Indian Exp 07-11-2017

Pashmina (Changpas)

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Pashmina plateau The Hindu 02-07-2017

Pendency in Court

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Court appears to be engaging TOI 08-05-2017

Physical sciences.

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. ‘We can soon prove everything has a single source … convergence between physical reality and consciousness could happen’ TOI 2.3.2018

PM addresses CEOs

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Help in building modern India, turn growth into mass movement India Exp 23-08-2017

Police Reform

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Bang for the Buck TOI 29-09-2017
         I. Reforms money cannot buy Indian Exp 29-09-2017
         I. Give police its due (Police reform) Indian Exp 08-01-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. A Court-Mandated Diwali (S.C Ban) Indian Exp 10-10-2017
         I. Diwali fireworks not very old, give Mughals the credit (S.C Ban) T O I 17-10-2017
         I. Most pollution-linked deaths occur in India. The Hindu 21-10-2017
         I. How the haze can harm Delhi Indian Exp 09-11-2017
         I. What Delhi hasn’t learned Indian Exp 10-11-2017
         I. A (crop) burning issue, and the way out Indian Exp 10-11-2017
         I. No half- measures to tackle Delhi pollution Indian Exp 11-11-2017
         I. 6 pollution sources and how to fix them (Pollution in NCR) T O I 17-11-2017
         I. 40% of smog was dust from Gulf: Safar (Pollution in NCR) T O I 17-11-2017
         I. Pollution is a silent killer, with long-term impact Need urgent, multi-pronged
Approach to tackle it’ (Pollution)
Indian Exp 19-11-2017
         I. BS-VI emission norms for vehicles: so near and yet so far, here is why (Pollution) Indian Exp 20-11-2017
         I. How a dust storm from 3,000 km away smothered Delhi this month (Pollution) Indian Exp 27-11-2017
         I. ‘Climate change knows no boundaries … we have to wake up to the sheer scale of the
pollution problem’
T O I 11-12-2017
         I. Farm solutions for Delhi air Indian Exp 27-12-2017

Poverty reduction

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Stairway to prosperity Indian Exp 22-09-2017

Prasar Bharati President of India (Kovindji)

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. . Is Prasar Bharati its master’s voice? The Hindu 25-08-2017

Price Hike

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Onion tears and how to wipe them Indian Exp 20-11-2017

Public Health

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Kovind first President from Sangh, cross-voting boosts margin TOI 21-07-2017
       II. Nation not built by govt. alone but by each citizen Indian Exp 26-07-2017

Pune Dalit Maratha violence

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Dalit protests shut down state, RSS blames ‘Breaking India Brigade’ Indian Exp 04-01-2018
       II. Why is Maharashtra on the boil? (Dalit Violence) Indian Exp 07-01-2018
S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Indicators that matter (Public Health) The Hindu 10-09-2017

Qatar Middle-East tension

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Doha isolated in Gulf Indian Exp 06-06-2017
       II. Diplomatic Mayhem The Hindu 06-06-2017
     III. Why Iran and Saudi Arabias tension lie at the heart of MiddleEast’s political complexities Indian Exp 13-06-2017
    IV. Burden of the past Indian Exp 13-06-2017
      V.  Emir of Qatar at the centre of storm  The Hindu  24-06-2017
    VI.  Life in the blockaded Qatar  The Hindu  02-07-2017
   VII.  Channel in the crossfire  Indian Exp  02-07-2017
 VIII.  The Soudi Connection  Indian Exp  05-07-2017
 VIII.  There is no place like NEOM (Saudi Arabia)  Indian Exp  03-11-2017