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Aadhar Basic Structure of Indian -Constitution Child Abduction Law
 Abortion Law Bankruptcy China
Ailing Health System “Belt and Road Initiative” China/C P E C Chips for the World
Air Lines and No Fly Rules Bengaluru Flood Civil Service
Amarnath Yatra Bitcoin Currency Climate Change
America Black Planet Cooperation Signals
Anti-Defection Law Blue & Pink Whale Cow Protection
Anti Dowry Law Brexit Cow Protection
Apple Originated BRICS Creating New State
Arjan Singh Marshal of Air- Force Bullet Train Criminalization in Politics
Artificial Intelligence Cattle Trade Crop Insurance
Aryan Migration Debate CBSE Cyber Criminals
Asia-Africa Chakmas & Hajongs



S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 No one can build Aadhar Users profile The Hindu 07-05-2017
2 Why Aadhar cannot be seen The Hindu 27-05-2017
3 Critism without Aadhar Indian Exp 13-05-2017
4 Aadhar then & Now Indian Exp 19-05-2017
5 The lowdown on linking of Aadhaar-PAN for taxes? The Hindu 17-06-2017
6 The demonisation of Aadhaar  Indian Exp 12-07-2017
7 The cases in which SC ruled on privacy     Indian Exp 19-07-2017
8 The lowdown on the right to privacy (Aadhar) The Hindu 29-07-2017
8 Limit Adhaar T O I 11-01-2018
8 What Aadhaar’s new 16-digit Virtual Identity means, how it seeks to add security
(Adhaar-New Virtual Identity)
Indian Exp 12-01-2018
8 Security questions Indian Exp 12-01-2018
8 Enabling a form of super surveillance The Hindu 16-01-2018
8 Following the grain trail The Hindu 17-01-2018
8 We’re all in this together TOI 17-01-2018
8 How to Fix Aadhaar TOI 20-01-2018
8 What is wrong with aadhar use? The Hindu 24-01-2018
8 Government Says Tool for Benefits, Critics Flag Privacy Issues Indian Exp. 19.2.2018
8 Frequently asked questions The Hindu 26.2.2018
8 What Aadhaar Collects TOI 2-03-2018

Ailing Health System

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Not just a question of weeks ( abortion law) The Hindu 29-07-2017

Abortion Law

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Beyond the lament Indian Exp 17-08-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 1. Afghanistan offers Taliban political recognition for peace talks TOI 1.3.2018
1 2. An offer for peace with Taliban The Hindu 4.3.2018

Air Lines and No Fly Rules

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i1 Centre notifies draft no fly rules The Hindu 06.05.2017
2 The lowdown on divestment of Air India The Hindu 16-07-2017

Amarnath Yatra

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 A long, up-and-down journey Indian Exp 13-07-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Exit America  Indian Exp 03-06-2017
2 US should pressurize Saudi Arabia T O I  03-07-2017
3 U.S. defence Bill calls for enhanced ties with India The Hindu 16-07-2017
4 US opened doors to Iran’s domination in Iraq The Hindu 17-07-2017
5 US puts fresh set of sanction on Tehran Indian Exp 19-07-2017
6 US sanctions Bill targets Russia, Iran, North Korea (US) The Hindu 29-07-2017
7 As America steps back, Iran flexes its muscle in Afghanistan Indian Exp 07-08-2017
8 Trumps’ Pak Challenge (U S Afgan Policy)     Indian Exp 23-08-2017
9 Trump slams Pakistan over terror safe heavens (U S Afgan Policy) Indian Exp 23-08-2017
10 Isolating Pak could increase influence of China & Russia (U S Afgan Policy) Indian Exp 23-08-2017
11 China defends key ally Pakistan (U S Afgan Policy) Indian Exp 23-08-2017
12 Red lines and bad choices (U S & North Korea) Indian Exp 08-08-2017
13 Trump’s Pakistan Test (US & Pakistan) Indian Exp 29-08-2017
14 Curing Rawalpindi (US & Pakistan)     Indian Exp 29-08-2017
15 When it comes to guns, why United States is a world apart.(Gun culture in America) Indian Exp 6-10-2017
16 Trans-Pacific deal advances without U S Indian Exp 12-11-2017
17 Trump’s quack remedies for Asia Indian Exp 16-11-2017
18 All the President’s nuclear arms (America) The Hindu 19-11-2017
18 Trump’s Worldview T O I 21-12-2017
18 In Trump’s world T O I 21-12-2017
18 A capital mistake (America Jerusalem) The Hindu 23-12-2017
18 ‘US bill targets Indian IT companies … even US Chamber of Commerce has voiced concerns against dangerous precedents’ T O I 01-01-2018
18 US Puts on Special Watch List for violations of religious freedom (America-Pak) Indian Exp 05-01-2018
18 Trump has weakened the U.S, taken us in the wrong direction. (America Wrong Direction) The Hindu 10-01-2018
18 One year old (America-Trump’s one year) Indian Exp. 16-01-2018
18 What happens when a government closes shop (America) The Hindu on Sunday supplement 21-01-2018
18 What happens if US government remains shut down (America-Financial shut down) Indian Exp 23-01-2018
18 Trump claims win in ending shutdown (America-Financial shut down) The Hindu 24-01-2018
18 When a Hawaii-like ‘missile mistake’ may trigger a real war (missile attack) Indian Exp 24-01-2018
18 India and the clubs that control war tech exports (Missile Technology Control Regime-
Australia Group – Wassenaar Agreement)
Indian Exp 30-01-2018
18 A year of Trump (America) The hindu 1.2.2018
18 ‘We should be talking about an India-US trade agreement … But not in zero-sum terms that it’s Indo Pacific vs Belt and Road’ (America-India- US trade Agreement) TOI 2.2.2018
18 Falcon Heavy carries SpaceX’s ambition into orbit (America-Falcon Heavy) Indian Exp 8.2.2018
18 Return of The Cold War: How the Russians Played Social Media Cos to Swing US Polls (US-Russian interference in US elections) TOI 18.2.2018
18 China tech V American tech (America-China Tech) Indian Exp. 20.2.2018

Anti Dowry Law

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Punishing the victims    The Hindu 05-08-2017
2 498A, battered Indian Exp 13-08-2017

Apple Originated

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         1 Origin of modern apples traced to Kazakhstan Indian Exp 17-08-2017

Arjan Singh Marshal of Air Force

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. The ‘ Flying Sikh’ who led Air Force from Raj to Swaraj TOI 18-09-2017
         I. Nation bids farewell to Marshal Arjan Singh The Hindu 19-09-2017

Artificial Intelligence

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Regulations in artificial intelligence have not caught up with speed of development … make sure we don’t lose core humanity’ TOI 20-12-2017
         I. Catching up on information statecraft (AI & Cyber Security) Indian Exp 26-12-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. ‘RCEP: India hardens stand ahead of ASEAN summit (ASEAN) The Hindu 23-12-2017
         I. ASEAN rising The Hindu 27-01-2018
         I. Natural partners in the Asian century The Hindu 27-01-2018
         I. The ASEAN embrace The Hindu 27-01-2018

Aryan Migration Debate

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate (It is only one view) The Hindu 17-06-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Continental Ties (Asia- Africa) The Hindu 24-05-2017
2 Modi pitches Asia- Africa growth corridor in bid to counter China  Indian Exp 24-05-2017
3 This time for Africa The Hindu 01-06-2017
4 The problematics of genetics and the Aryan issue The Hindu 29-06-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Why Test for bankruptcy law is a larger test for India Indian Exp 12-06-2017
2 A new law body to handle failed financial for firms Indian Exp 16-06-2017
3 Firm Resolve ( Bankruptcy) Indian Exp 19-06-2016
4 Nitty-gritty of bankruptcy code The Hindu 1-09-2016
5 No level playing field The Hindu 05-09-2017
5 NCLT decides on 655 cases under the Bankruptcy code’ Indian Exp 12-08-2017

Basic Structure of Indian Constitution

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Basic Question Indian Exp 08-05-2017

Belt and Road Initiative” China/C P E C

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Network is the key Indian Exp 09-05-2017
2 In Giant trade belt, Road to new growth rush Indian Exp 12-05-2017
3  Wahabbism meet Han-ism   T O I  12-05-2017
4  New silk Road  Indian Exp  13-05-2017
5  Off the Road  The Hindu  16-05-2017
6  The politics of the territory  Indian Exp  16-05-2017
7  BJP Belt and road myopia  Indian Exp  25-05-2017
8  CPEC is a sea Change  T O I  25-05-2017
9  To counter OBOR, India and Japan propose Asia Africa sea corridor  Indian Exp  31-05-2017
10  A lunatic Express  T O I  02-06-2017
11  Corridor of Economic uncertainty  Indian Exp  13-06-2017
12  China’s gateway to Southeast Asia   The Hindu  16-07-2017

Basic Income

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Finland assessing Basic Income scheme’s impact (Two year experience) The Hindu 17-06-2017

Black Planet

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. What is the black planet? TOI 17-09-2017

Bengaluru Flood

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Bengaluru’s record rain brought largely man-made floods. Here is how, why Indian Exp 17-08-2017

Blue & Pink Whale

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i What are the Internet ‘game’ killing young people worldwide     Indian Exp 17-08-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Britain, EU begin Brexit negotiations Indian Exp 19-06-2017
i Brexit may create new language: Euro-English Indian Exp 21-09-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. From the joint declaration Indian Exp 05-09-2017
         I. Terror to graft to N Korea, what evolved from Goa to Xiamen Indian Exp 05-09-2017
         I. Rearranging the Brics Indian Exp 05-09-2017
         I. Modi’s 10 ‘noble commitments’ for BRICS The Hindu 06-09-2017
         I. Will deepen security cooperation: BRICS leaders Indian Exp 06-09-2017

Bullet Train

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Why the Bullet Train project, whose foundation will be laid by PM Modi and Abe, is the key to transforming India TOI 12-09-2017
         2. What the bullet trains project brings to India TOI 13-09-2017
        3. 16 Nations have Bullet Trains TOI 18-09-2017
       4. Shooting in the dark (Bullet Train) Indina Exp 23-09-2017
         5. Why we need bullet trains The Hindu 24-09-2017
         6. Does India need a bullet train? The Hindu 6-10-2017
         7. One giant leap, for all (High speed rail) Indian Exp 29-11-2017

Budget 2018-19

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Money FES TOI TOI 2.2.2018
         I. IT ALL ADDS UP TO 2019 TOI 2.2.2018
         I. Vision 2019, Seeing Little beyond TOI 2.2.2018
         I. Stubble burning: Doubts in air over machinery subsidy (Budget 18-19- environment push) TOI 2.2.2018
         I. Budget cheer for senior citizens The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Embracing the rural The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Embracing the rural The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Make for Bharat, Make in India The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. A shot in the arm for farm growth The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Ayushman Bharat: the big budget scheme The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Boost for Digital India scheme The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Poor diagnosis, wrong medicine (Budget 18-19 Public health care) The Hindu 3.2.2018
         I. Budget and you The Hindu Sunday section-2 3.2.2018
         I. Limited succor The Hindu 5.2.2018
         I. Jaitley defends capital gains tax, GST implementation (Budget 18-19 – capital gains tax and GST) Indian Exp 9.2.2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Sweeping changes in always-happy Bhutan, what Surveys show Indian Exp 08-01-2018

Cattle Trade

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Whose prestige Indian Exp 06-06-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
i 1. . Cauvery verdict today. What is this dispute? (Cauvery dispute) Indian Exp 06-06-2017
i 2. Cauvery verdict may impact other disputes (Cauvery verdict) The Hindu 25.2.2018

Cellular communication .

S.No Topic News Paper Date
i 1. Moon to get its first 4G network next year. TOI 1.3.2018
i 2. Aircel files for bankruptcy The Hindu 1.3.2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
i Question mark over CBSE class XII results Indian Exp 24-05-2017

Chakmas & Hajongs

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. How Chakmas and Hajongs settled in N-E, why Arunachal worries about citizenship Indian Exp 20-09-2017
         2. Is it difficult to grant citizenship to chakmas The Hindu 24-09-2017

Child Abduction Law

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Behind India’s unease with a global child abduction law Indian Exp 04-08-2017


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The single service syndrome The Hindu 09-05-2017
2. Getting the model right The Hindu 15.05.2017
3. Turning down China The Hindu 17-05-2017
4 A new world order Indian Exp 03-06-2017
5. Why China’s growing footprint in Nepal Indian Exp 16-06-2017
6. Missing a strategic culture Indian Exp 23-06-2017
7. As standoff continues, Army chief to visit border areas The Hindu 29-06-2017
8. China issues map to play ‘victim’, cover PLA’s encroachment bid India Times 03-07-2017
9. China doesn’t accept the McMahon line agreed on by Britain & Tibet T O I 03-07-2017
10. Incursions by PLA rose in 2017 The Hindu 05-07-2017
11. Behind the ongoing stand-off in Doklam Indian Exp 05-07-2017
12. Doklam can render overhyped T O I 07-07-2017
13. We are not in 1962 and we are militarily strong T O I 08-07-2017
14. Power games at the tri-junction The Hindu 10-07-2017
15. The only way to deal with the Chinese is directly The Hindu 10-07-2017
16. All under a Chinese Heaven T O I 13-07-2017
17. Game of chicken in the high Himalayas The Hindu 13-07-2017
18. The untimely dissident (Liu Xiaobo China) Indian Exp 15-07-2017
19. The Doklam Standoff T O I 15-07-2017
20. Dissidents Legacy T O I 15-07-2017
21. Easing the rhetoric (India China) The Hindu 18-07-2017
22. Danger at Dolam Indian Exp 18-07-2017
23. No common ground on the Doklam plateau The Hindu 19-07-2017
24. New road led to standoff in Doklam: blog The Hindu 22-07-2017
25. China stand akin to that in 1975: Menon The Hindu 22-07-2017
26. Eyeball to eyeball T O I 24-07-2017
27. Where things stand on the Doklam plateau Indian Exp 24-07-2017
28. Two perspectives on Doklam stand off Indian Exp 26-07-2017
29. Doklam is not about a road Indian Exp 29-07-2017
30 ‘India and Bhutan are questioning the new normal’ (Indo-China Doklam Standoff) The Hindu 02-08-2017
31 By refusing to buckle under China’s threats on Doklam, India has called the bully’s bluff T O I 03-08-2017
32 Leadership on Doklam Indian Exp 05-08-2017
33 Stand firm T O I 05-08-2017
34 India wary as China takes up Doklam issue with Nepal T O I 06-08-2017
35 The Chinese embrace Indian Exp 07-08-2017
36 Doklam’s unintended consequence Indian Exp 08-08-2017
37 Three Warfares: China’s ace weapon T O I 13-08-2017
38 People say in Doklam, India is better placed. Why do we think Chinese will act only hero Indian Exp 13-08-2017
39 2 months into Doklam standoff, assessing China’s strength Indian Exp 15-08-2017
40 Stones flew amid border tussle in Ladakh The Hindu 17-08-2017
41 Doklam foretold (Military strategy against China) Indian Exp 22-08-2017
42 The DOKLAM miscalculation Indian Exp 23-08-2017
43 Agreeing to disagree (China) The Hindu 29-08-2017
44 Nasheed flags presence of Chinese warships in Male The Hindu 30-08-2017
45 . What not to learn from Doklam Indian Exp 02-09-2017
46 .Moving Past Doklam Indian Exp 06-09-2017
47 .Amid Doklam standoff, how India talked China into taking ‘big responsibility’ Indian Exp 05-09-2017
48 .‘China’s reaction was so vitriolic because it did not expect India to confront it at Doklam’ Indian Exp 29-09-2017
49 China ready to address Indian concerns over BRI Indian Exp 19-10-2017
50 China’s GDP rose to $12.1 trillion in last five years: Xi Indian Exp 19-10-2017
51 Xi lays out vision for a ‘new era’ of Chinese power at party congress
(China-Communist party congress)
Indian Exp 19-10-2017
52 Enter the Dragon (China C party meet) T O I 21-10-2017
53 Xi’s thought, unveiled (Chinese Communist Party’s congress) Indian Exp 22-10-2017
54 China to restructure politburo today Indian Exp 24-10-2017
55 XI Jinping elevated to Mao’s level in Chinese Communist pantheon Indian Exp 25-10-2017
56 The life of XI (China’s Communist Party Congress) The Hindu 26-10-2017
57 Reign of King XI Indian Exp 28-10-2017
59 The 3 Architects of Modern China T O I 30-10-2017
60 China mulls 1,000km tunnel to divert Brahmaputra waters to Xinjiang region T O I 31-10-2017
61 Chinese communists’ big meeting: what it is, what it’ll do (CPC Meeting) Indian Exp 16-10-2017
62 From Lenin to Xi (China) Indian Exp 02-11-2017
63 Contours of a counter-BRI The Hindu 13-11-2017
63 Chinese President Xi joins Mao and Deng as lingxiu The Hindu 18-01-2018
63 Xi’s ‘thought’ to enter China’s Constitution The Hindu 20-01-2018
63 US: China using predatory economics to coerce neighbouring countries, aiming for hegemony Indian Exp. 21-01-2018
63 ‘Need for making quick decisions and strategic intelligence are the lessons from Doklam’ (Doklam lessons) Indian Exp 19-01-2018
63 5 months on understanding Doklam ‘disengagement’, a few other issues (China-Doklam) Indian Exp 22-01-2018
63 The lowdown on Doklam The Hindu 28-01-2018
63 . ‘China has resources…. But India has weight in the region. How we use smart diplomacy is key? (China VS India) Indian Exp 11.2.2018
63 ‘India does not loom large in Chinese military mind … values associated with India can be worth a lot more than cash’ (India and china) TOI 21.2.2018
63 China denies talking to Baloch militants (China-CPEC) Indian Exp 23.2.2018
63 Why Xi is no Emperor Indian Exp 2.3.2018
63 Why India should lie low if a US-China trade war erupts TOI 4.3.2018
63 ‘China’s India anxiety is inseparable from its Pak ties’
Indian Exp 7.3.2018

Civil Service

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. New Servants for New India T O I 23-06-2017

Clean Hydrogen Cars

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Coming soon to US, East Coast: Clean, quiet hydrogen cars The Hindu 21-06-2017

Climate Change

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Paris Climate pact at risk times of india T O I 23-05-2017
2. An unequal burden The Hindu 23-05-2017
3. G7 leaders split on climate change (Hindu Supplement) The Hindu 28-05-2017
4. US may quit Climate deal The Hindu 28-05-2017
5. Trumps pull America out of Paris climate accord Indian Exp 2-06-2017
6. Climate rogue Indian Exp 3-06-2017
7 Trumping the climate exit The Hindu 3-06-2017
8. Is the Paris Agreement necessary The Hindu 9-06-2017
9 US isolated as the rest of G-20 commits Indian Exp 9-07-2017
10 Why is our air becoming dangerous? The Hindu 9-07-2017
11. US isolated as the rest of G-20 commits Indian Exp 9-07-2017
12 US notifies UN It is quitting Paris pact T O I 06-08-2017
13 Paris pact not under threat over us exit T O I 03-09-2017
14 We can still limit warming to 1.5 Celsius T O I 20-09-2017
15 From Ocean to ozone-the limits of our planet The Hindu 23-09-2017
16 It’s time to make deep emission cuts (Climate Change) The Hindu 23-10-2017
17 CO2 level in atmosphere rises to what it was 3m to 5m years ago. T O I 31-10-2017
18 In Shadow of US pullout, world set to discuss Paris terms (Climate Change) Indian Exp 03-11-2017
19 Spirit of Paris The Hindu 08-11-2017
20 India on course to achieve its 2030 climate targets, says new report (climate change) Indian Exp 09-11-2017
21 Developed, developing nations lock horns on pre-2020 action (Climate Change) Indian Exp 10-11-2017
22 European Union defensive on pre-2020 action; India, China reject compromise formula Indian Exp 11-11-2017
23 EU ready to take US place, fund IPCC, says Macron (Climate change) T O I 17-11-2017
24 Oceans lost 2% of their oxygen in 50yrs: Study T O I 05-01-2018
24 Adapting better to climate change The Hindu 13.2.2018
24 How climate change can lower burden of disease from rising air pollution in India Indian Exp 28.2.2018
24 Biggest danger to climate? Your Smartphone (Climate change of Smartphone) T O I 6.3.2018

Cooperation Signals

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. India-Mongolia (cooperation signals) T O I 24-07-2017

Cow Protection

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Directive principle, not right Indian Exp 01-06-2017

Coal reform

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. 1. Why has coal mining been opened up? (Coal mining reform) The Hindu 26.2.2018

Creating New State

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Movement to create states T O I 25-06-2017

Criminalization in Politics

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Fast-track trial for law makers from March 1 T O I 15-12-2017

Crop Insurance

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. A flagship scheme that may flatter to deceive Indian Exp 27-07-2017
       II. Fair claims (crop insurance) Indian Exp 28-07-2017

Cyber Criminals

S.No Topic News Paper Date
         I. Ransom or else T O I 15.05.2017
       II. In tracking Cyber Criminal T O I 16-05-2017
     III. Held at ransom ( Malware) The Hindu 17-05-2017
     iv. Need global partnerships to defend attacks spread across borders (cyber security) Indian Exp 28-11-2017
     v. Srikrishna Committee suggests 7key principles, setting up of authority Indian Exp 28-11-2017
     vi. ‘Nations will have to frame common rules governing cyber security’ Indian Exp 28-11-2017
     vi. ‘Need to understand cyber threats before fighting them’ (Cyber Security) Indian Exp 05-12-2017
     vi. ‘Cyber security going to be a big problem in 2018 … lot of the commercial breaches are
done through human weakness’ (Cyber security)
T O I 06-12-2017
     vi. Govt sets up cyber security division, first meet next week (Cyber security) Indian Exp 08-12-2017
     vi. Partly free (Cyber Security) Indian Exp 11-12-2017
     vi. No right answer yet to ‘privacy vs security’ parley (cyber security) The Hindu 11-12-2017
     vi. ‘India should secure infrastructure against cyberthreats’ (Cyber Security) The Hindu 15-12-2017
     vi. For a safe cyberspace (Cyber security) The Hindu 19-12-2017
     vi. Catching up on information statecraft (AI & Cyber Security) Indian Exp 26-12-2017