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Air India sale process
Artificial Intelligence-potential
Audit in private sector
Aviation-Rising Traffic




S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Aadhaar In The Dock (Srikrishna Committee) Hindu 27-09-2018
1 Opacity in the name of privacy (S.C. Verdict) Hindu 27-09-2018
1 Fraud on Constitution…violates rights: Justice (Dissenting) Chandrachud (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 27-09-2018
1 Aadhaar Verdict (S.C. Aadhaar Verdict) Indian Exp 27-09-2018
1 Historic verdict, great step forward in use of technology in governance, says Jaitley (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 27-09-2018
1 SC upholds Act, but in a changed form (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 27-09-2018
1 A Fine Balance (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 27-09-2018
1 Harbinger of uncertainty (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 27-09-2018
1 Cutting The Bloat (S.C. Verdict) T.O.I 27-09-2018
1 . Aadhaar Swings The Other Way (S.C. Verdict) T.O.I 27-09-2018
1 How the world identifies its citizens (Identification of citizens in world) T.O.I 27-09-2018
1 A brief history of a Unique Identity Project (Unique Identity Project history) T.O.I 27-09-2018
1 Limits of Delayed Scrutiny (SC Verdict ) T.O.I 01-10-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Adultery is still a crime (Global position) T.O.I 28-09-2018
1 Adultery No Longer A Criminal Affair (S.C. Verdict) T.O.I 28-09-2018
1 Why it was enacted in 1860, why it had to go now (S.C. Verdict) T.O.I 28-09-2018
1 How SC underlined women’s autonomy as facet of human dignity (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 28-09-2018
1 A moral journey (S.C. Verdict) Indian Exp 28-09-2018

Animals Rights

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Do they have rights? (Animal Rights) Ind. Exp. 31-12-20188

Affirmative Action(Reservation) in private sector

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 In wake of caste protests, PMO holds its first meeting on affirmative action in private sector (PM holds meeting) Ind. Exp. 25-09-2018

ASI Conservation Plans

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 How ASI conserves, why Odisha is upset (Replacement Issue) Ind. Exp. 19-11-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 50% ATMs will be shut by 2019: industry body (ATMs to close) Hindu 22-11-2018
1 Get To Work (ATM’s to Close-Must change to improve security standards) T.O.I 23-11-2018

Air India sale process

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Why no one wants Air India (Air India sale process) Indian Exp 05-06-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 CBI’s case against Chidambaram (Maxis Deal Case-Chidambaram Charge Sheet) Ind. Exp. 27-11-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Mind games or sonic weapon? American in China suffers brain injury
caused by sound (Sonic brain injury to Americans)
T.O.I 24-05-2018
1 U.S to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council (America and UN Human Rights Council) The Hindu 20-06-2018
2 World lost an opportunity: Trump The Hindu 25-05-2018
2 Tipping point in West Asia (US-Iran) The Hindu 26-05-2018
2 How likely Fed rate hike could impact India (USA-Fed Rate Hike Impact) Indian Exp 13-06-2018
2 Consumers, soybeans lift U.S growth to 4.1%, fastest in almost four years ( Fastest growth) The Hindu 13-06-2018
2 Decoding Trump’s attack Europe ( Trump’s strategy on Europe) Indian Exp 13-06-2018
2 Why judge Kavanaugh’s elevation matters ( S.C chief judge selection) The Hindu 13-06-2018
2 India will benefit most by engaging in the Global Market (India Business) The Hindu 13-06-2018
2 India and the U.S. – it’s complicated (India 2+2 dialogue) Hindu 01-09-2018
2 Retail therapy (India 2+2 dialogue) The Hindu 03-09-2018
2 US yet to decide on waivers for Iran oil & Russian arms (Waivers for Iran oil and Russian Arms) T.O.I 13-06-2018
2 Cutting-edge US tech to help India track Chinese subs (Transfer of Communication Tech to India) T.O.I 13-06-2018
2 Dragon dance revs up efforts for a free, open Indo-Pacific (Indo-Pacific relations) T.O.I 07-09-2018
2 I am part of the Resistance in the Trump Administration (Resistance in Trump Administration) Ind. Exp. 07-09-2018
2 . ‘India, US must boost trade to $500-600 bn’(US –India trade to increase) Ind. Exp. 07-09-2018
2 Art of the Deal (India 2+2 dialogue) Ind. Exp. 08-09-2018
2 LEMOA already fully operational (America and India-LEMOA) Hindu 09-09-2018
2 Trump wants to stop subsidies to growing economies like India, China (To stop subsidies to India, China etc) Hindu 07-09-2018
2 2+2 talks set strategic direction for Indo-US ties (2+2 dialogue) T.O.I 07-09-2018
2 When the world collapsed around Lehman brothers (Lehman Brother’s Collapse) Hindu 07-09-2018
2 . Subprime Market (Lehman Brothers fall) Ind. Exp. 18-09-2018
2 . Subprime Market (Lehman Brothers fall) Ind. Exp. 18-09-2018
2 Ten years on, in uncharted waters (Impact on global economics) Hindu 19-09-2018
2 U.S. threatens sanctions on ICC, prosecution of officials (International Relations) Hindu 12-09-2018
2 . Subprime Market (Lehman Brothers fall) Ind. Exp. 18-09-2018
2 . Ten years on, in uncharted waters (Impact on global economics) Hindu 18-09-2018
2 U.S. threatens sanctions on ICC, prosecution of officials (International Relations) Hindu 12-09-2018
2 Trump Administration wants to make it easier to release methane into air(Climate Change) T.O.I. 12-09-2018
2 The new deals (America-Canada-Mexico Trade Deals) Hindu 03-10-2018
2 U.S. indicts seven Russian intel agents in hacking conspiracy (Hacking by Russia) Hindu 05-10-2018
2 Chemical watchdog, MH17 probe…Russia is said to have targeted all (Hacking by Russia) T.O.I 05-10-2018
2 Salvaging a strategic partnership (America-India Trade talk and Russian impact) Hindu 10-10-2018
2 U.S. to pull out of Russia missile pact (America-Russia cold war era treaty) Hindu 22-10-2018
2 China v America (America vs China-Changing relation) Ind. Exp. 22-10-2018
2 Bolton arrives in Russia for talks on nuclear treaty (America-Russia-Talks on Nuclear Treaty) Hindu 23-10-2018
2 Outcomes versus promises (America-Russia-China) Hindu 24-10-2018
2 Prepare for post-U.S. era in Kabul (Presence in Afghanistan) Hindu 27-10-2018
2 India, China and the INF Treaty (America-Intermediate Range Nuclear Force) Ind. Exp. 30-10-2018
2 How the new US-China Cold War will play out for India (America-China Cold War and India) T.O.I 14-10-2018
2 Mike Pompeo and the new ‘Cold War’ (America China Cold War) Hindu Sec2 14-10-2018
2 The lowdown on midterm polls in US (Midterm polls) Hindu Sec2 04-11-2018
2 What to look for in US midterm polls today (Mid term polls) Ind. Exp. 06-11-2018
2 Trump and the Iran boomerang (Iran Relation) Ind. Exp. 15-11-2018
2 Behind The Trade War (China trade) T.O.I 17-11-2018
2 When giants clash (China trade war) Hindu 21-11-2018
2 Trump, Xi agree to 90-day halt to new tariffs in a bid to contain trade war (China Trade War-90 days halt) T.O.I 21-11-2018
2 It’s raining woes for Trump: Foundation to shut down amid charges of misuse (Shutdown) T.O.I 19-12-2018
2 US to end air war against IS in Syria, allies alarmed over troop withdrawal (Withdrawl from Syria) Ind. Exp. 21-12-2018
2 As US Retrenches (Troops Withdrawl) Ind. Exp. 22-12-2018
2 U.S. to withdraw troops from Afghanistan (Withdrawl from Afghanistan) Hindu 22-12-2018
2 . American adventurer finishes solo trek across Antarctica (Solo Trek Across Antarctica) Hindu 28-12-2018
2 Trump’s Iraq visit a political rally: Critics (Trump Iraq Visit) T.O.I 29-12-2018
2 Trump signs law to step up India defence ties, call out China (US-India Defence Ties) Ind. Exp. 02-01-2019
2 White House rejects Democrat plan to end US govt shutdown (US Govt. Shutdown) Ind. Exp. 03-01-2019
2 It’s ok to not be a saint all the time (Ethics and Morality) T.O.I 06-01-2019
2 Trump threatens emergency over wall (Extended Shutdown of Govt. on Mexican Wall) T.O.I 06-01-2019
2 How a border wall has impacted 800,000 workers (Shutdown Impacted 800,000 Workers)) Ind. Exp. 07-01-2019
2 Trump pleads on TV for border wall money, Dems say he’s stoking ‘fear’ (Trump Pleads for Mexican Wall Funds) T.O.I 10-01-2019
2 Good news for Indians? Trump vows easier path to citizenship via H-1B (Relaxation on H-1B Visa) T.O.I 12-01-2019
2 US sees its longest ever shutdown as Trump postpones call for emergency (US Shutdown Ever) T.O.I 13-01-2019
2 Summit 2.0 (US – North Korea Relations) Hindu 22-01-2019
2 Huawei , top executive face criminal charges in the US (US – China Trade War) T.O.I 30-01-2019
2 US suspends N- Weapons pact with Russia, EU fears new arms race (EU fears new arms raise. China not part of the treaty is gaining significantly) T.O.I 02-02-2019
2 A new arms race? (Over 90 % of the nuclear warheads are in the arsenal of US and Russia ) Hindu 04-02-2019
2 . Irking the Dragon (INF treaty abrogation by US. Russia-China may step up the arms race) Hindu 08-02-2019
2 US-China trade talks: Intellectual property to take centrestage (A strong case with long term implications) Ind. Exp. 10-02-2019
2 A dialogue, an opportunity (US -India can ease trade tensions to work out win-win for all) Ind. Exp. 12-02-2019
2 Battle For Tech Dominance (US-China slugfest in investing in cutting edge technological innovations) T.O.I 12-02-2019
2 No zero-sum games: on India-U.S. trade hostilities (India and US must work to halt trade hostilities urgently. It will hurt both) Hindu 11-02-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Integrating the island (Military Integration) Ind. Exp. 02-01-2019

Arctic sea routes

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Sea routes on the top of the world (Arctic sea routes) Ind. Exp. 01-10-2018

Artificial Rains

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Artificial rains; Why they can’t tell you exact date (Procedure) T.O.I 20-11-2018
1 Opening up the clouds (How it is done) T.O.I 20-11-2018

Artificial Intelligence

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The winters of artificial intelligence are behind us (Status) Hindu 08-10-2018
1 AI can create fake fingerprints to fool biometric systems (Capable of fooling biometric system) T.O.I 27-11-2018
1 Time for Techplomacy (Technical Advancement in A.I.) Ind. Exp. 18-12-2018
1 Connecting the dots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Hindu 30-12-2018
1 India ranks third in research on artificial intelligence (AI Ranking) Hindu 19-01-2019
1 Govt’s planned voice – based AI bot may be available in feature phones too (Facility for Government Services on a voice based bot powered by Artificial Intelligence) Ind. Exp. 31-01-2019
1 Govt’s planned voice – based AI bot may be available in feature phones too (Facility for Government Services on a voice based bot powered by Artificial Intelligence) Ind. Exp. 31-01-2019
1 AI centre on the anvil (National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber – Physical Systems ‘CPS’. get budgetary support) Hindu 02-02-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Decolonising Chagos (To return the island to Mauritius.) Hindu 27-02-2019

Cash Transfers

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The danger of cash transfers Hindu 05-02-2019
1 Rest Strictly In Cash (Universal Basic Income through cash transfer can solve India’s poverty problem) T.O.I 13-02-2019

Army’s structural reforms

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The wrong reform (Army’s structural reforms) Ind. Exp. 24-09-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 SC decision paves way for early hearing of Ayodhya land row (SC verdict) T.O.I 28-05-2018
1 ‘Mosque not essential’ remark made in particular context: SC ( S.C. Verdict) T.O.I 28-09-2018
2 Understanding the ‘essentiality doctrine’ and its implications (S.C. Verdict) Ind. Exp. 28-09-2018
2 The lowdown on Ayodhya appeals (Ayodhya Issue) Hindu 07-10-2018
2 Mandir demand and the law (Ayodhya) Ind. Exp. 19-12-2018
2 No ordinance on Ram temple before judicial process plays out, hints PM (Ram Temple Construction) T.O.I 02-01-2019
2 Five-judge bench to hear Ayodhya case from Jan 10 (SC hearing on Ayodhya case) T.O.I 09-01-2019
2 The 67 acres in Ayodhya (Centre wants to return surplus land at Ayodhya) Ind. Exp. 30-01-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Battle for Bangladesh (Election) Ind. Exp. 22-12-2018
1 No question of re-negotiating the Teesta agreement (Teesta River Agreement) Hindu 26-12-2018
1 Why India should rejoice in the event of a Sheikh Hasina victory in crucial Bangladesh elections tomorrow (Election Results Favour India) T.O.I 27-12-2018
1 Dhaka event urges youth to pick ‘liberation’ over ‘communalism and fundamentalism’ (New Surge in Bangladesh) Ind. Exp. 30-12-2018
1 288/298: Landslide for Hasina in Bangla polls, opposition cries foul. Ind. Exp. 01-01-2019
1 The bilateral transformation (Indo-Bangladesh Relations) Hindu 02-01-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Tata Steel to Divest from majority stake in its SE Asia Business (A new business reality for global steel companies ) Ind. Exp. 29-01-2019

Balance of Payment

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 What India pays the world & what it gets back (Balance of payment status and meaning) T.O.I 01-10-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 You can buy and sell bitcoins at this ATM in Bengaluru (ATM in Bengaluru) T.O.I 20-10-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Challenging the emperor of all maladies (Remedies) Hindu 21-10-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 CBI vs CBI (Internal conflicts) Ind. Exp. 23-10-2018
1 Centre gets mired in CBI crisis (Turbulations) Hindu 25-10-2018
1 SC’s Rescue Act (CBI’s Internal Conflicts) T.O.I 27-10-2018
1 Breaking the cage (Reforms) Ind. Exp. 30-10-2018
1 Has the CBI’s credibility been compromised? (Its credibility) Hindu 02-11-2018
1 No legal framework governs CBI, a halo created around it (No legal frame work) Ind. Exp. 03-11-2018
1 Challenge to the Reserve Bank of India’s reserves (Challenge to its reserves) Hindu 05-11-2018
1 Sealed-cover process made necessary in order to preserve CBI’s sanctity: SC (S.C. proceedings) T.O.I 17-11-2018
1 A.P., West Bengal withdraw ‘general consent’ to CBI (Withdraw of State consent) Hindu 17-11-2018
1 Weakening Federalism (State with drawing general Consent) T.O.I 19-11-2018
1 When states deny consent to CBI (Denying General Consent to CBI by States) Ind. Exp. 19-11-2018
1 SC brings back Verma as CBI chief after govt removed him (SC verdict on CBI VS CBI) T.O.I 09-01-2019
1 Verma can carry on with probes, file new FIRs (SC verdict on CBI VS CBI) T.O.I 09-01-2019
1 CBI Verdict (SC verdict on CBI VS CBI) T.O.I 09-01-2019
1 SC ruling strikes a blow for CBI’S independence (SC Verdict on CBI VS CBI) Hindu 09-01-2019
1 Fired, ceremoniously (Removal of CBI Director) Ind. Exp. 11-01-2019
1 Decolonise The CBI (CBI reforms) T.O.I 16-01-2019

Central Armed Police Force

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The suitable Leader (Role of CAPF) Ind. Exp. 29-01-2019

Animals as People

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Are Animals People? (Animals as People) T.O.I 25-07-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The safety valve (After proof) Ind. Exp. 30-07-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 What lies behind India’s Africa outreach ? ( India’s trade reach ) Ind. Exp. 25-07-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Dealing with the Taliban hand (Afghanistan-Taliban expansion) The Hindu 25-07-2018
1 Privatising the Afghan War (Afghan War-use of private militias) Ind. Exp. 28-08-2018
1 In a first, India to share platform with Taliban (Taliban talks) T.O.I 09-11-2018
1 If Taliban want peace, talk to them:Rawat (General Rawat on Taliban Talk) T.O.I 10-01-2019
1 After US Leaves Kabul (Repercussions of US withdrawal) Ind. Exp. 26-01-2019
1 Afghan peace talks : US and Taliban edge towards deal to end America’s longest war.
( Taliban stand : foreign forces must withdraw prior to talks.)
Ind. Exp. 28-01-2019
1 An Afghan Trifecta (Impact of American Withdrawal) Ind. Exp. 29-01-2019
1 The regional great game (Crystallisation of Pakistan – Saudi Arabia and India- Iran axes. Afghanistan at cross road ) Ind. Exp. 01-02-2019
1 Afghanistan at a crossroads (Talks between the Taliban and the US) Hindu 04-02-2019
1 As America looks to withdraw from Afghanistan what is that country’s future, and what are India’s options? (Future of Afghanistan and its implications) T.O.I 05-02-2019
1 Tough – talking (Afghanistan: Talks) Hindu 07-02-2019
1 A crossroads in Kabul (India needs presence in Afghanistan) Ind. Exp. 07-02-2019
1 The road to peace runs through Tehran (The Iranian role in stabilising Afghanistan) Hindu 08-02-2019
1 Af sends first export consignment to India from Chabahar port. T.O.I 25-02-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 i. Army officers move SC against ‘prosecution’ (Anti prosecution move) The Hindu 15-08-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Same old mistakes (Agriculture market Regulation) T.O.I 29-08-2018
1 The Agriculture mission ( Govt’s Agriculture push) T.O.I 06-08-2018
1 Uneasy fields (Agriculture Distress) Hindu 04-12-2018
1 A new deal for the farmer (Distress-Solution) Ind. Exp. 05-12-2018
1 Our calorie-oriented approach to agriculture is no longer sustainable (Distress-Solutions) Ind. Exp. 05-12-2018
1 Why are farmers all over India on the streets (Farmers Agitation) Hindu 09-12-2018
1 Quick fix for the farmer (Distress-Long Term Vision On Multiple Issues Needed) Ind. Exp. 10-12-2018
1 The farm in the spotlight (Farmer Distress) Ind. Exp. 25-12-2018
1 Crop insurance scheme: Farmers at helm of benefits (Benefits to Farmers by Crop Insurance) T.O.I 03-12-2018
1 Fresh Prescription (Crop Insurance Returns) T.O.I 17-12-2018
1 When loan waiver hype meets the farm reality (Farm Loan Waiver) T.O.I 18-12-2018
1 10 reasons why farmers are in distress (Reasons for Distress) T.O.I 13-12-2018
1 Fields of ferment (Way Forward for Farm Distress) Ind. Exp. 13-12-2018
1 Bengal to pay entire amount of crop insurance for farmers (Bengal Govt. to pay crop insurance) Hindu 03-01-2019
1 This mill pays cane farmers to catch white grub beetles (Better method to control white grub insects) Ind. Exp. 10-01-2019
1 Addressing Indian agriculture’s weakest link-Extension (New model from R&D) Ind. Exp. 10-01-2019
1 Confront The Harsh Reality (Agriculture Distress) T.O.I 10-01-2019
1 The KCR trump card that Centre wants to adopt (Agriculture Distress-Rythu Bandhu Scheme of Telengana) T.O.I 13-01-2019
1 Farmers await a new dawn: Here are some decisive actions that can alleviate agricultural distress (A few steps to eradicate agriculture distress) T.O.I 15-01-2019
1 Kalia: how Odisha new scheme supports farm community with payments (Agriculture Distress-Kalia Scheme of Odisha) Ind.Exp. 16-01-2019
1 From the farms and fields (Agriculture Solutions by Varun Gandhi) Ind.Exp. 19-01-2019
1 Plough’s Share (Crop Insurance Premium by Centre) Ind.Exp. 21-01-2019
1 Plough’s Share (Crop Insurance Premium by Centre) Ind.Exp. 21-01-2019
1 Examining farm loan waivers (Farm Crisis) Hindu 26-01-2019
1 Removing the roots of farmer’s distress (Centre and State Joint Efforts) Hindu 28-01-2019
1 Investment over subsidies (An insight on agricultural subsidies) Hindu 29-01-2019
1 The case for minimum basic income Hindu 31-01-2019
1 For the farmer , things to do ( Affordable inputs , access to credit and formal land leasing. Technology, new hybrid varieties needed to increase incomes) Ind. Exp 01-02-2019
1 Why Farmers Disbelieve (The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi not enough) Ind. Exp. 02-02-2019
1 The solution is universal (Strengthening the MGNREGA will help farmers) Hindu 11-02-2019
1 The PM- KISAN challenge (Need to prevent leakages) Hindu 14-02-2019
1 Mariculture is as important for India as agriculture (It will help add seaweeds to our diet) Hindu 17-02-2019
1 A race to atone for neglect of the farmer (The structural reforms and investments needed in agriculture sector) Ind. Exp. 19-02-2019

Agusta Westland Chopper Scam

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Extradited by UAE, ‘fixer’ in Agusta scam lands in Delhi (Christian James Michel Extradited) T.O.I 05-12-2018
1 Extradition significant as Michel a British citizen (Michel a British Citizen) T.O.I 05-12-2018
1 CBI gets Michel custody: Need to show him papers, get details of money trail (Michel Extradited to India) Ind. Exp. 06-12-2018

Artificial Intelligence-potential

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 AI Garrage? (Artificial Intelligence-potential) The Hindu 12-06-2018
1 Growth in the machine (Artificial Intelligence) Indian Exp 20-06-2018
1 New AI system that can ‘debate’ with human unveiled (Artificial Intelligence) Indian Exp 20-06-2018
1 AI Superpower of client nation? (Artificial Intelligence) The Hindu 20-06-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Who is a citizen in Assam, India? (Assam Citizenship) Indian Exp 06-06-2018
1 A Bill that is causing Worry (Citizenship Amendment Bill-2016) The Hindu 22-06-2018
1 Final NRC will be win-win situation for all (Assam- National Register of Citizens) The Hindu 22-06-2018
1 5 things to know about Assam’s National Register Of Citizens ( Assam- NRC ) T.O.I 22-06-2018
1 What it means to be out of NRC ( Assam- NRC ) Ind. Exp 22-06-2018
1 Congress govts were mute spectators to illegal migration into Assam (Migration in Assam during
Congress rule)
T.O.I 06-06-2018
1 A feeling of homelessness. ( NRC Campaign) Ind. Exp 25-06-2018
1 Bogibeel: from ‘small’ to big (India’s Longest Rail-Road Bridge) Hindu 25-12-2018
1 Clause 6, Assam Accord: Fine line between ‘Indian citizen’ and Assamese (NRC and Assam Accord Update) Ind. Exp. 04-01-2019
1 Centre okays citizenship Bill (NRC impact in Assam) Hindu 08-01-2019
1 LS okays plan to tweak citizenship law (Citizenship law amended) Ind. Exp. 09-01-2019
1 The fire in Assam (Citizenship Amendment Bill Impact) Ind. Exp. 15-01-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 international astronauts survive space scare. How well is India prepared? (India’s position) Indian Exp 18-10-2018

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Consensus-maker. Hindu 17-08-2018
1 Built engagement with West; outreach to China, Pakistan holds key lessons. Ind. Exp. 17-8-2018
1 Daring leap, step by step. Ind. Exp. 17-8-2018
1 Introducing Vajpayee . Ind. Exp. 17-8-2018
1 By their deeds shall they be known. ( Mistakes he made ) Ind. Exp. 27-8-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Delhi and Canberra, a lost chance (India economic and other ties) Ind. Exp. 04-08-2018

Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Health insurance may require Rs 20,000-30,000 crore … first phase involves only the public hospitals. T.O.I 15-08-2018
1 Indian healthcare is poised for a great leap forward with Ayushman Bharat – which will insure over 50 crore citizens (A major leap) T.O.I 20-09-2018
1 PM launches world’s largest state-funded health scheme (PM Launch) T.O.I 24-09-2018
1 Long road ahead (Ayushman Scheme) Hindu 25-09-2018
1 Falling short on most counts (Shortcomings) Hindu 16-10-2018
1 The value of a health scheme (Value as conceived by society) Hindu 23-10-2018
1 Healthcare costs should not financially destroy families (Costs involved) Hindu 24-10-2018
1 No trade-offs in healthcare (Impact on public health) Ind. Exp. 09-11-2018
1 Unable to break Ayushman Bharat logjam, agency will approach Kejriwal for a thaw (Status in Delhi) Ind. Exp. 03-01-2019
1 Beyond temporary relief. Ind. Exp. 03-01-2019
1 States VS central health scheme (Implementation hurdles) Ind. Exp. 14-01-2019


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Assange faces expulsion from Ecuador embassy in UK ( Expulsion from Embassy in UK) Ind. Exp. 21-05-2018

Audit in private sector

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Time to discard both dual as well as statutory audits (Audit in private sector) The Hindu 21-05-2018

Aviation-Rising Traffic

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Five steps to give aviation a stronger lift amid rising air traffic (Aviation-Rising Traffic) Indian Exp 30-05-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Reform with some concessions: What SC order means for Cricket Board (BCCI Reforms) Ind. Exp. 10-08-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Why BIMSTEC matters (BIMSTEC is important) Ind. Exp. 31-08-2018
1 BIMSTEC nations call for holding accountable states that back terrorism (Anti terrorism action) Ind. Exp. 01-09-2018
1 BIMSTEC meet: PM likely to visit SC today (Heads of Judiciary to Meet) Ind. Exp. 25-11-2018

Credit Growth

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The Good Side Of Fall In Credit Growth (Hidden in the falling overall credit off take …) T.O.I 22-02-2019

Credit Growth

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Stress points of democracy ( In India we need to keep a sharper eye on the weakening of institutions ) Hindu 15-02-2019
1 Constant attempts to deride democratic institutions dent public faith in them (Supreme Court: Concerns safeguarding institutions) T.O.I 18-02-2019

Census 2021

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Census 2021 to collect OBC data, use maps (Collection of OBC data) Hindu 01-09-2018
1 OBC Calculus (Collection of OBC data) T.O.I 03-09-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Why Biofuel for aircraft holds out promise, but is not ready to fly yet (Biofuel for aircraft) Ind. Exp. 28-08-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The good secretary. Ind. Exp. 28-12-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The big five at 10 ( Its progress) The Hindu 31-07-2018

Bullet Train

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 How bullet train is trying to run (Operations) Ind. Exp. 11-07-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Signals from a bankruptcy Indian Exp 25-05-2018
1 Insolvency Code: what’s new (Bankruptcy Code new ordinance 2018) The Hindu 11-06-2018
1 Early Progress shows IBC on track (Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code) Hindu Sec II 17-06-2018

Bihar-liquor policy

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Bihars’ New Sorrow (Bihar-liquor policy) Indian Exp 29.05.2018

Cantonment Roads-opening closing

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 How the row over closing cantonment roads began, what it suggests (Cantonment Roads opening closing) Indian Exp 15.06.2018

Cauvery Dispute

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 At last, a scheme The Hindu 16-05-2018
1 When Civilisations Disagree Indian Exp 16-05-2018
1 SC OKs Cauvery plan, wants it in place by monsoon (Cauvery Dispute) T O I 19-05-2018
1 Poll drama foretells Cauvery Churn (Cauvery Dispute) Indian Exp 21-05-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Wuhan’s promise (China-India) The Hindu 16-05-2018
1 China begins large scale mining at Arunachal border, says report(China-mining at Arunachal Border) Indian Exp 21-05-2018
1 Making sense of the Wuhan reset (China-Wuhan Meet) The Hindu 21-05-2018
1 China says it has evidence to prove its 5,000-year history (China-5000 year history) Indian Exp 30-05-2018
1 Perfected in China, a threat in the West. (China-Technological Surveillance on citizens) Indian Exp 06-06-2018
1 A web of Silk (China-Digital Infrastructure) Indian Exp 07.06.2018
1 A middle path for pedestrians glued to their phones in China (China-separate path for pedestrians glued phone) T.O.I 09-06-2018
1 Takeaways from Qingdao (China-Qingdao meet) Indian Exp 11-06-2018
1 Fire arrows (China Commercial Private Space flight) Indian Exp 28-06-2018
1 US kicks off trade war with China (China – America trade war) T.O.I 28-06-2018
1 How tension can hurt growth in China, beyond (China –US trade) Indian Exp 28-06-2018
1 Why both Modi and XI are going to east Africa (China-India-East Africa economics) T.O.I 28-06-2018
1 How tariff war can hit all trade ( China-America-EU trade war) Indian Exp 28-06-2018
1 China trying to take advantage of ambiguous situation and enforce a Beijing consensus in South China Sea ( South China Sea) T.O.I 28-06-2018
1 Is China meritocratic (China Meritocracy) Indian Exp 11-07-2018
1 South Pacific Silk Roads ( Silk road impact on South-Pacific) Indian Exp 07-8-2018
1 China tests its first hypersonic aircraft (China- Hypersonic aircraft) Indian Exp 07-8-2018
1 China troops  in Tibet get oxygen stations, portable barracks(Oxygen generators and
probable  barracks)
TOI 15-8-2018
1 Trade war brings old rivals closer together ( Russia and Japan Trade Bonhomie) Hindu Sec.2 19-8-2018
1 Tilting at windmills (Russia Trade War) Hindu Sec.2 23-8-2018
1 India, China chart route to avoid future Doklams ( India talks on Doklam and other border issues) T.O.I 24-8-2018
1 A year after Doklam face off – (Doklam) Ind. Exp 28-8-2018
1 High water discharge from China threatens Arunachal (Water spurt hits Arunachal) Hindu 01-8-2018
1 Xi offers $ 60 bn aid to Africa (Aid to Africa) Hindu 04-09-2018
1 Doklam final report lauds government (Doklam observation by Parliamentary panel) Hindu 15-09-2018
1 China to launch artificial Moon to light up night sky (Artificial Moon) Ind. Exp. 20-10-2018
1 The making of world’s longest sea bridge, China mainland to Hong Kong (Longest sea bridge in Hong Kong) Ind. Exp. 22-10-2018
1 What is the ‘artificial moon’ planned in China? (Artificial Moon) Ind. Exp. 23-10-2018
1 Belt And Roadblocks (Roadblocks in Belt and Road Initiative) T.O.I 29-10-2018
1 China has ignored Wuhan spirit: Experts (Supports Pakistan) Hindu 29-10-2018
1 Bowing to Beijing (Financial help to Pakistan) Ind. Exp. 06-11-2018
1 Electric vehicles send data to Chinese govt. (Data collection through electric vehicles) Hindu 30-11-2018
1 US, China hail trade truce as Xi and Trump get breathing room (US Trade War Truce) Ind. Exp. 04-12-2018
1 Huawei Spectre (Huawei of Chinese Telecom Firms Faces US Action On Violating US Sanctions Against Iran) Hindu 10-12-2018
1 Which cat will catch mice? Ind. Exp. 20-12-2018
1 China’s Pak. Investments take a military turn (CPEC) Hindu 21-12-2018
1 China’s Pak. Investments take a military turn (CPEC) Hindu 21-12-2018
1 China’s Pak. Investments take a military turn (CPEC) Hindu 21-12-2018
1 China’s reform and opening-up inspires world (Away from Communism) Hindu 31-12-2018
1 China building ‘advanced’ warships for Pak.: report. Hindu 03-01-2019
1 China tests its own ‘Mother of All Bombs’. Ind. Exp. 05-01-2019
1 China develops naval radar that can monitor areas as large as India: Report. Ind. Exp. 10-01-2019
1 China is at a crossroads. T.O.I 11-01-2019
1 China germinates first seed on moon lander. T.O.I 16-01-2019
1 China planning 1.3m KM of roads by 2020 for troop movement, Pentagon (Report by Pentagon) T.O.I 18-01-2019
1 China carries out overhaul of military (New development in China’s holistic reforms for its Military) T.O.I 23-01-2019
1 China to give Pak $ 2.5 billion (Inching towards a debt trap for foex- dry Pak) Ind. Exp. 03-02-2019
1 China – Japan frontline sees a ‘cold peace’ (Chinese intrusion into Japan’s ‘territorial waters’ but peace prevails) Hindu 05-02-2019
1 How to handle HUAWEI (Chinese technology : Caution is the need ) Ind. Exp. 06-02-2019
1 Trump’s tough line on China brings Tokyo, Beijing closer (Nations have no permanent friends or foes .Only permanent interests) T.O.I 10-02-2019

Chemical Weapon

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Redraw the Red Line (Chemical Weapon) The Hindu 21-06-2018

Climate Change

Current Account Deficit

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Cost of climate change in India (Climate Change Adverse impact in Indian) India exp. 29-06-2018
1 Nod to proposal for round-the-year air quality study (Delhi Regular Air quality Study) T.O.I 04-07-2018
1 Is planting saplings a solution to the felling of trees? (Tree felling) The Hindu 13-07-2018
1 How burying CO2 in sea can slow warming ( CO2 burying in sea) Eco.Times 06-07-2018
1 Why fish may soon lose their sense of smell( Impact on fish ) T.O.I 26-07-2018
1 How Climate change can erode Indian coastline more intensely than ever (Climate change Indian coastline) Indian Exp. 04-07-2018
1 Pulling back from the brink (Climate Change Scenario and Remedy) Hindu 23-8-2018
1 U.S. accused of blocking UN climate talks amid protests (US blocking climate talks) Hindu Sec.2 23-8-2018
1 Cloudy forecast (US role) Hindu 10-09-2018
1 How to reach a 1.5-degree world (New danger) Ind. Exp. 08-10-2018
1 For limiting global warming to 1.5° C, the 4 projected pathways (Growing dangers) Ind. Exp. 09-10-2018
1 The 1.5° C challenge (1.5° C Challenge) Ind. Exp. 09-10-2018
1 Target 1.5 (Crisis) Hindu 10-10-2018
1 Why half a degree of warming is a big deal (Impact of half degree Change) T.O.I 16-10-2018
1 War war is better than jaw jaw (Half degree impact) Ind. Exp. 16-10-2018
1 Hiding inside that clean e-vehicle is a very dirty battery (Climate Impact-E-vehicle) T.O.I 17-10-2018
1 The lowdown on NCR’s air quality (NCR) Hindu 21-10-2018
1 At current rate of CO2 emission the 1.5°C target would be reached between 10 to 30 years from now (1.5° C target) T.O.I 22-10-2018
1 Our time begins now (India’s Task) Hindu 26-10-2018
1 Air scrubbed off CO2 could be a reality soon (Solution to stop Global warming) T.O.I 26-10-2018
1 Ozone layer on recovery track (Ozone layer) T.O.I 06-11-2018
1 $320 bn lost to climate change events in 2017, says UN report ($320 bn lost in 2017,UN report says) T.O.I 22-11-2018
1 On the table, a climate ‘rulebook’ (COP24 in Poland-Deliberations) Ind. Exp. 03-12-2018
1 India to present its climate report card at Poland meet (Poland Meet) T.O.I 04-12-2018
1 India could gain $8trn with climate battle (Gains By Limiting Warming) T.O.I 06-12-2018
1 Paris deal ‘fatally flawed’: Trump (Paris Deal) T.O.I 06-12-2018
1 Paris to Poland (Paris and Poland) T.O.I 06-12-2018
1 CO2 levels poised for record high (CO2 Level) Hindu 06-12-2018
1 Paying for the climate clean-up (Cost of Clean-up) Ind. Exp. 06-12-2018
1 2020 target: 13 rich nations slowing down climate fight (Rich Nations Slowing Down) T.O.I 07-12-2018
1 Still on the last chance saloon (Poland Conference) Hindu 06-12-2018
1 Kings, clowns and climate change (Micro and Macro Approach) Hindu 09-12-2018
1 US, Saudis rank last on curbing climate change; India improves (India Improves) Ind. Exp. 11-12-2018
1 We expect developed countries to fulfil their commitment of mobilising $100 billion a year by 2020 and further scale it up (Previous Commitment By Developed Countries) T.O.I 14-12-2018
1 Farming in a warming world (Impact On Agriculture) Hindu 15-12-2018
1 Nations inch towards climate deal at UN summit (Deliberation At Poland) Hindu 16-12-2018
1 Nations agree rulebook to implement Paris Agreement, but not everyone is happy Ind. Exp. 17-12-2018
1 Delhi, Los Angeles or Timbuktu, we all have water… that connection, of people to forests and to water, is the key (Forest and Water Interconnected) T.O.I 31-12-2018
1 How Sweden, one of the top producers of timber, has been increasing its forest cover (A lesson to be learnt) T.O.I 06-01-2019
1 Where the rich got their way: on the climate change convention at Katowice, Poland (Poland conference COP-24 deliberations) Hindu 15-01-2019
1 Make India Climate Smart ( Development versus long term environmental damages) T.O.I 24-01-2019
1 Buried in the sands (Policy for CRZ to save the ecosystem in coastal areas.) Hindu 23-01-2019
1 An American Lesson: It is not where you live warming , it is global warming (Environmental impact ) T.O.I 01-02-2019
1 Writ In Snow (Receding Glaciers in Hindu Kush need for Himalayan cooperation between countries ) Ind. Exp. 06-02-2019
1 2018 was the 4th -warmest year on record: NASA (Climate change a reality) T.O.I 07-02-2019

Current Account Deficit

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 The lowdown on current account deficit (Current Account Deficit) Hindu 02-09-2018

Chief economic advisor

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Idea Exchange (Chief Economic Advisor) Indian exp. 01-07-02018
1 The Shaky Frame (Civil Services-Reforms) Indian Exp 23-05-2018

Cheque Bounce

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 . L.P Passes Bill on Cheque bounce cases (New law ) The Hindu 24-07-2018
1 The Shaky Frame (Civil Services-Reforms) Indian Exp 23-05-2018

Citizenship Act

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Bill of Disquiet (Amendment to the Citizenship act – Northeast sensibilities to be taken into account ) Ind. Exp. 01-02-2019

Civil Services

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 A blow to Civil Service Ideals (Civil Services- Cadre Allotment) The Hindu 28-05-2018
1 The Shaky Frame (Civil Services-Reforms) Indian Exp 23-05-2018
1 Lateral entry of officers: Search panel decides UPSC will choose ( Lateral Entry in Civil Services) Indian Exp 06-05-2018
1 Reforming the civil services (Lateral Entry) Hindu 09-05-2018
1 . An impartial civil service remains a dream as political wars suck in officers (A challenging work environment) T.O.I 05-02-2019

Crop burning

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Why farmers say cheaper to pay fine for crop burning (Solution) India exp. 13-10-2018
1 Years to go to stub out crop burning (Farm residue burning solution) Hindu 22-10-2018

Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 RCEP offers opportunity to engage on broader Indo-Pacific level (Issues between India and Australia) India exp. 23-11-2018


S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 How Parliament has amended anti-graft law (Amendment in corruption law) India exp. 07-08-2018
1 The limp arm of the law (Amendment in corruption law) India exp. 02-08-2018

Cricket mushtaq Mohammed of Pakistan Team

S.No Topic News Paper Date
1 Mushy’s Indian connect. ( Cricket mushtaq Mohammed Of Pakistan Team) India exp. 27-08-2018